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We have combined our expertise and long-standing partnerships into one, 100% reliable platform. The result? To offer strong and exclusive campaigns with the guarantee of the best results in the market.

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Wide distribution network

Reach a large number of clients with exclusive and completely relevant campaigns.

Multiple Medias and Channels

Through our unique media and array of channels from our wide distribution network accumulated over the years, Afiliace offers targeted results with marketing of the highest quality.

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Platform reliability

We offer the best digital platform by using State-of-the-art technology widely used within Brazil and around the world.

First-rate Technology

Developed abroad, the technology employed into the making of Afiliace is a world reference for security and optimization.

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Quality Delivery

The constant process of optimization allows for the increase in your campaigns performance and overall quality of lead conversions.

Constant Evolution

Through research, testing and constant evolution of parts, pages and services, Afiliace always employs methodologies aimed at increasing highly targeted conversions.

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Afiliace always seeks to offer the most ethical and trustworthy working relationships possible with affiliates and advertisers, delivering concise and quality results. Get to know our work better and contact us.

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Our customer service team is always ready to offer customized solutions for your business. If you would prefer, come and visit us at 183 Cel. Alfredo Augusto do Nascimento Road, Sousas, Campinas.